Justice Barrett sworn in

  • Hour 1 of 10-27-20
  • What you need to know: Kanye West said he feels called to be the “leader of the free world.” Hear his comments as well as a report from Drew on early voting. Hear how media companies are preparing for an unprecedented election.
  • Also, a look at the exciting news that Justice Amy Coney Barrett has been sworn in. President Trump commended Justice Barrett last night at her confirmation, and he assured Americans that she is an originalist to the Constitution. And Justice Barrett also reechoed her commitment to be faithful to the law, not a legislator from the bench. Sen. Chuck Schumer called the confirmation of Justice Barret “a dark moment…” Dramatic much? Pray for his conversion! Professor Teresa Collett joins Drew for analysis. She also gets into the subject of court packing and whether Democrats will do this.
  • Do you trust the media? Do you believe that they report the truth? Probably not. We see yet again that they are biased, as they are covering up the Hunter Biden story. NPR threw the story out claiming that “they don’t want to waste Americans’ time.” But we do want the truth! If what the NY Post has claimed about Hunter is true, it matters to us as we move forward to the election next week. What if Biden is elected and Hunter has access to the White House? A caller asks the guest, Clemente Lisi if Democrats want Biden to be removed after he is elected so Sen. Kamala Harris can come in. Hear his thoughts on fair journalism and the need to stay plugged in to what different news outlets are reporting, so that you get the whole story.