New era of censorship

  • Hour 1 of 10-19-20
  • Get a news roundup on the latest, including a look at whether there would be another COVID lockdown. Hear what Dr. Tony Fauci says, and why he doesn’t think there should be normal holiday celebrations this year. He says we need to “bite the bullet.” Will you decide to still celebrate Thanksgiving as normal?
  • Also, media bias is showing with the Hunter Biden scandal. And as an example of media bias being apparent, take this reporter who saw Biden getting ice cream the other day. Instead of pressing him on his son Hunter, challenging him on whether he would stack the courts, he asked him what flavor ice cream he would get. Hard hitting reporting here. If there were a scandal related to President Trump, the media would be all over this story. Dan Gainor gives his take on media bias and big tech censorship.
  • So if you think President Trump and his administration are racist, you are certainly entitled to your opinion, but we do hope you listen to audio from Steve Hilton and keep an open mind. He did commentary not long ago on his FOX News program, outlining what President Trump and Biden have said and done when it comes to the race issue. Drew visits this and explores the racial platforms within the Republicans and Democrats, and Rev. Brian Walker talks about the importance of the life vote within the African American community.
  • Two more secrets to spiritual warfare left! On the second last day, we are warned about not being lukewarm and tepid. You are on a grand stage, and must cling to the calling God has given you! Fr. Jim Nadeau gives his perspective.