Packing the Court

  • Hour 3 of 10-8-20
  • Is it true that Biden would pack the Supreme Court with more justices? Well, he won’t answer that question, and neither will Sen. Kamala Harris. Biden actually said he won’t give his answer until after the election. So it shows the importance of voting! Dr. Daniel Mark gives insight.
  • Brian Burch is in to rehash the debate, and he gives his analysis on packing the court. Sen. Harris declared her stance on abortion yet again last night, while VP Pence said he is not ashamed to be pro-life. Pence also asked Sen. Harris to not treat Amy Coney Barrett the same way that Justice Kavanaugh was treated. He also pressed her on how she treated someone who was in the Knights of Columbus, due to his pro-life views. The candidates have made their positions clear, and you know that life, according to our bishops, is a preeminent issue.