Packing the courts

  • Hour 1 of 10-30-20
  • Biden refuses to answer the question of whether he will pack the courts. He is probably trying to give a vague answer to keep both moderates and far left progressives happy for now. But if he does get in, Americans assume his administration might start adding extra justices, losing the now conservative lean of the court. Is this even smart or constitutionally legal? Expert advice is given by Elizabeth Slattery.
  • Jim Michaletz checks in to tell you about Unite Our Nation. This has been an incredible spiritual movement which was born relatively quickly, as an effort to bring the peace of Christ to the US. With violence and unrest sweeping the streets, we need to embrace the hope of God more than ever. Learn more about these events and how you can get involved.
  • President Trump has continued to attack Obamacare, especially because people weren’t able to keep their doctor even though they were told they could. He wants health care to be reinvented, but Biden wants to build on Obamacare. There is a different alternative, and it’s called Solidarity Health Share. Chris Faddis and Brad Hahn are in studio to tell you more. They question why we as Catholics should give money to insurance companies who spend our own money attacking the faith. You can share the health care coverage burden for other like minded believers, and have the chance to invest in something you believe in.