Philly riots

  • Hour 1 of 10-28-20
  • Do you know the name, Tony Bobulinski? He was a former business partner with the Biden family, and he saw firsthand how much of a role Joe Biden was playing in these shady dealings. He took his allegations to Tucker’s show on FOX News; hear what he has to say. Do you believe the claims he makes? If so, how will this affect the election?
  • Because a black man was shot by police, riots have teared down Philadelphia. Businesses being looted and violence taking place against law enforcement. Sadly, this black man who was shot supposedly had a knife. Why is there so much hatred against cops; did they do their job in this situation? It is a tragic situation either way, and we have to pray. Hear thoughts from Mark Curran.
  • Mark Zuckerberg has spent 350 million on the election for Democrats. How does that makes you feel using Facebook? Have you noticed any political ads on your page? He is essentially acting like a government entity! Professor Phill Kline reacts.