Senate race

  • Hour 1 of 10-1-20
  • The show starts with a news roundup of issues related to COVID, mask mandates, and job layoffs. Because of COVID, the airline industry has had to lay people off, and it is affecting more than you might think! Also, get a look at the fires continuing to rage in California. This certainly needs your prayer and attention.
  • Next, a glimpse at the Senate seats which might flip. Will Republicans continue to control them in the next election? Many are watching to see what will happen to Sen. Susan Collins especially. Senator Norm Coleman gives you his take.
  • Dr. Jay Bosco is in to talk about National Cancer Prevention Month. Get insight and expert opinion on what to do to keep you and your loved ones healthy. One person, who has been a patient of Dr. Bosco, calls in to thank him for his help.
  • Fr. Jim Nadeau continues his series on battling spiritual warfare. Today, you are encouraged to do good to those who have hurt you. It may be hard to forgive, but Jesus requests you to do something kind to that person, as an offering of prayer. Forgive and let go! If you’d like to get the daily audio reflections on this, follow us on facebook!