The Dave Durand Show October 10 – How to React When Things Don’t Go Our Way

Amateur vs Professional – Magnanimity. One of the biggest differences between amateurs and professionals is how we react when things don’t go our way

The List – Pettiness, self-centeredness, and being reactionary are all key features of amateurs in the workplace. Dave highlights how being forgiving, having forethought, and baring trouble in calmness will benefit you and your organization!

Q & A – “My company has asked me to develop a product that I know will fail. When should speak? When should I keep quiet?”

Kevin O’Brien – Former NFL Linebacker and leader of several professional organizations, including the “Men of Christ” conference in Milwaukee.

  • There are several issues that all leaders encounter, no matter what area of life they are in. Dave and Kevin discuss what they are, and how to conquer them!