The Patrick Madrid Show: October 01, 2020 – Hour 2

  • Patrick responds to a complaint email from a listener who will no longer be listening to the program because of Patrick’s beliefs
  • Subia – She had two abortions and read your post on abortion and was deeply moved.
  • Judy – Priest is having a lay alter server set the alter at the offertory. Isn’t this just for a priest or deacon do that.
  • Larry – I thought you were not fair on your commentary but you have won me over today.
  • Mary – Step-father-in-law didn’t believe in the Church and committed suicide. Can I have a Mass said for him?
  • Rae –  It’s important to make a good confession if you ever had an abortion. Follow up with Project Rachel.
  • Pete – The most recent racism goes back to Rodney King and OJ Simpson