The Patrick Madrid Show: October 06, 2020 – Hour 3

  • NY Governor Guamo threatens churches that they will be shut down if they don’t follow the rules
  • Norma – Do the people in purgatory stay there until the final judgement?
  • In response to Norma’s questions about her father who was a “good man” but not a believer, and her husband who doesn’t practice the faith, Norma asks if her prayers can help them and if her father can go to heaven. Patrick gives a biblical explanation about how being a “good person” cannot save you, but only repentance and faith is Jesus Christ can save you by God’s Grace.
  • Frank – plenary indulgences
  • Fr. Rocky joins Patrick Madrid to talk about his new book, Vote Your Conscience – you can get your free copy of the book here:
  • Mariam – Trying to get a priest to hear her mother’s confession in nursing show