The Patrick Madrid Show: October 14, 2020 – Hour 2

  • Catholic children in Loreto School in Dublin forced to listen to Muslim prayer to Allah. Patrick asks how you would feel if your kids had to listen to this in their schools.
  • Joseph – I think people are frantic about masks because they are scared of dying and they are not ready yet. They have no spiritual sense of themselves.
  • Patrick answers email and twitter question: Why does Mary need to be a perpetual virgin? Why does it matter?
  • Email question: My husband isn’t baptized. Does that invalidate our marriage?
  • Hailey, 10-years-old, asks “Where did the people go when they died before Jesus came?”
  • John – Having a mask on makes me pro-life
  • Mike – I’m an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion. Would I be sinning by giving Joe Biden the Eucharist?