The Patrick Madrid Show: October 22, 2020 – Hour 3

  • Swedish Left Party Chapter Wants To Make Urinating While Standing Illegal For Men
  • New Consumer Alert on Yelp Takes Firm Stance Against Racism
  • Frank – Do angels make there choice right when they were created or a little after
  • Julie, 13-years-old, just found out her best friends are bi-sexual. Mom doesn’t want her to hang out with them anymore. She asks, “What should I do?”
  • Richard – What does a civil union entail? What about when Jesus dined with sinners?
  • Oscar – Recommendation for adult daughter whose got a book that there is evidence of mind-altering drugs at the beginning of Christianity
  • Katie – Ex cathedra means faith and morals. Pope’s statements are regarding morals. Distinction?
  • Jasmine – Was looking to get confirmed in the Church but now getting disillusioned. What should I do?