The Patrick Madrid Show: October 28, 2020 – Hour 1

  • Patrick answers a couple of twitter question: how long are we going to do apologetics/theology gymnastics before we start investigating the doctrine surrounding the Pope more closely?
  • Barb – Can a person who claims to be a witch actually cast a spell on another person? Also, what is “generational healing”?
  • Gabriella – How many saints are in heaven
  • Noel – Question on moral decision making in a Bible Study. Is doing something immoral to save yourself from death a sin?
  • Frank –  Responding to Noel, I’m not sure if that is a mortal sin
  • Sylvia – Patrick, a few years ago I chose not to abort my baby, but now I feel like an outcast in church as a single mom. I want to marry a good Catholic man but feel like damaged goods and it’s hard to get past my past when my son is living proof of my past sins.
  • Jason – Question on promises attached to the Rosary
  • Al – Is it a mortal sin to vote for a pro-abortion candidate?