The Patrick Madrid Show: October 28, 2020 – Hour 3

  • Maria – During the Mass at which point does the bread and wine become the Body and Blood of Jesus and what is the proper posture for us at that time
  • Hypothetical question: What if the priest consecrates the host and for whatever reason Mass is interrupted and the wine is not consecrated?
  • William (9 yrs old) – Why did Jesus tell Mary Magdalene not to touch him
  • Erica – Doesn’t want to celebrate Día de Muertos at daughter’s Catholic school.  How do I explain myself?
  • Jeanine – Regarding the girl who would protect her virtue, some young kids have no choice. Maria Goretti was one of a kind.
  • Grant – I’m a Protestant becoming Catholic but want my sons baptized. Can I baptize them since it will be one to two years before I am in the Church?
  • Matt – Wife pregnant with twins.  When do I make the call to baptize them?
  • Mary – Have so many blessed items/broken statues. How do I get rid of them?