The Patrick Madrid Show: October 30, 2020 – Hour 2

  • Bishop Porto tweeted: “Yesterday’s attack on the cathedral in Nice is not Islam’s fight against Christianity: it is the result of the prejudices of those Europeans who not only do not foster intercultural and interreligious dialogue, but are always at the ready to accuse religions.” Patrick responded: “Absurd and ridiculous. You are blaming the victims. These comments are deeply offensive to all Catholics and other Christians whose family members were massacred in cold blood by jihadist aggressors. Wake up.”
  • Nancy – Wants to comment on your change of opinion on capital punishment.  Are you saying just extending mercy to capital punishment?
  • Larry – Called back regarding the document on homosexuals in seminaries.
  • Carlo – Is white privilege a sin?
  • Mary – Wants to commend you regarding the tweet from the Bishop of Porto
  • New Irish law banning gatherings threatens prison for priests who say Mass