The Patrick Madrid Show: October 30, 2020 – Hour 3

  • Edward – Do you know what these massacres of Muslims were that the Malaysian Prime Minister referred to?
  • Patrick shares the audio of Dr. Bill Warner talk about Jihad vs Crusades historical facts regarding armed Muslim aggression against Christians in Europe and elsewhere
  • Mark – question about original sin
  • Erica – Please explain why it’s important to dress nicely at Mass
  • Carol – After George Floyd’s death, her pastor cried about it and made everyone uncomfortable
  • Oregon Shuts Down Christian Schools In Name Of COVID While Keeping Public Schools Open
  • Anne – We should be praying for our priests, not criticizing them
  • Francisco – How do I have a conversation about voting for a pro-abortion candidate
  • Guillermo – Not surprising that they are taking Mass away because of the communist influence.