VP Debate Highlights

  • Hour 1 of 10-8-20
  • One of the big moments at the debate last night was when VP Mike Pence questioned Sen Harris on whether she and Biden will pack the courts. She refused to answer the question, and so Pence answered the question himself. Find out what he said! Sen Harris once again made her position on abortion clear as they were talking about the Supreme Court. Get the scoop on the big highlights.
  • Also, Speaker Pelosi today hinted that the 25th Amendment would be used, saying that she would add more tomorrow. She claims that President Trump shouldn’t be in office right now, but what else is new? Would this even work out, and is it legal what she wants to do? Professor Teresa Collett explains the implications.
  • Gary Zimak shares his struggles with worry and anxiety, and he adds that he understands how stressful things are right now. But he is encouraging you to give worry up, and to rest in the peace of Christ. Hear more from him and get some hope along the way.
  • Fr. Jim Nadeau is in to continue the spiritual warfare series he has been doing, and today’s advice is to avoid needless curiosity. When you find yourself consumed by concern with other’s sins, habits, and business, you may be losing track of God’s will for you.