A view of Election Day from the ground

  • Hour 1 of 11-3-20
  • Salena Zito is in for election analysis. As a PA native, she has a distinct knowledge of the cities and demographic makeup in that state. As you know, PA will be a crucial swing state and Biden may have lost his chances to win because of what he said about fracking. It is so important to vote and get out to make your voice heard!
  • Catholic bishops reiterated that life should be first and foremost when it comes to voting discernment, but other issues like immigration, climate, and racism also need to be considered to some degree. However, abortion is preeminent. Msgr Stuart Swetland joins Drew to talk about the moral vote. He reminds you of what Pope Benedict once said; it’s a sin to vote for a candidate if you are directly supporting them because of their advocacy of abortion and other intrinsic evils.