Cancel culture and law firms

  • Hour 3 of 11-13-20
  • Cancel culture has now gone after a law firm called Jones Day. It has been ‘cancelled’ for being willing to assist the Trump team with their election disputes. We now see law firms bailing on the Trump campaign as they see no substantiated evidence of widespread voter fraud. However, shouldn’t every person be guaranteed legal help and protection no matter what? The president had every right to investigate this, as many top Republicans like Sen. McConnell attested. Hear more on this from Wesley Smith.
  • Brian Burch stops in for an update on where things stand with the presidential race. As most of the MSM has called it for Biden, we know that there are serious allegations of voter fraud. Aren’t they worth looking into? Burch says that there has always been voter fraud in every election, but the question remains as to whether it would overturn the results. Does President Trump still have a chance at reelection? Hear the latest.
  • As you start your weekend, what movies are worth watching? Some have looked forward to the Christmas movie called Fat Man, but Ed Morrissey and Christian Toto say it’s not worth your time. However, Ed does recommend the movie Coda. Christian Toto expresses disappointment that many great films are not getting the recognition they deserve this year as they are being boxed out by the big name films like Borat 2.