Economics of a Biden administration

  • Hour 1 of 11-18-20
  • If Biden does end up becoming president, then what would that mean economically? We know that student loans are a problem, and he wants extreme student loan forgiveness. On top of that, there is a massive housing bubble forming and people falling deep into debt. Biden and other world leaders have indicated that a global reset is going to happen. What does that mean and what could be the implications? Hear this discussed with Chris Temple.
  • Justice Samuel Alito gave an address recently and he brought up some of the serious offenses made against religious freedom. And Justice Alito went on to use the way the Little Sisters are being treated as an example of religious freedom violations. The majority of Americans, as indicated in this report from Becket Law, are not willing to separate their faith from the rest of their lives. Could you encounter a time in your future where your faith is put to the test? Will we see martyrdom in our lifetime? Drew and Caleb Lyman discuss.