• Hour 1 of 11-17-20
  • Is America truly racist at its core, and is there systemic racism? Mary Eberstadt argues that the deeper issue is a problem of fatherlessness. The patriarchy is not fought for in our modern day society, leading to young people out on the streets acting lawlessly. When the father is not around, we see so many people who are lost. What can we do to restore the importance of the father? Mary explores this important conversation. Read her article here!
  • Gov. Cuomo is among the leaders who are unfairly targeting churches. When the government goes after church gatherings but does not treat strip clubs or abortion clinics the same way, legal action can and should be taken. So if another shutdown happens and churches are treated with unfair bias, what should the Catholic Church do? What is your role? Listen to the conversation with Msgr. James Shea.