Finance Friday/Election Fraud

  • Hour 3 of 11-20-20
  • Peter Grandich, in his 2020 New Years Day message, says that “this once-great country is being torn apart spiritually, politically and economically by those who have only have disdain for that which this country was founded and that which was promulgated by the vast majority of Americans.” He goes on to add “USA has already entered its worst-ever social and political era.” This is very haunting. We certainly have seen an unprecedented year, with unemployment numbers going up. What would a Biden administration mean for the markets? Would a successful vaccine drive up the stocks? Hear more from Peter.
  • Do you believe that the election results will be overturned due to voter fraud? Former Mayor Rudy Guliani dropped some bombshell allegations yesterday. Guliani, representing the Trump legal team along with Sydney Powell, explained that poll volunteers were instructed to pre-date the ballots to make them countable; they were told not to make sure that the votes were legal. So he claims they were told to cheat. And Sydney Powell alleges that the electronic voting system flipped votes away from President Trump towards Biden. Tucker Carlson from FOX News explained that he was taking these fraud allegations seriously and he invited Sydney onto his show. However, he expressed some frustration that she was not providing anything of substantial note to him. On top of that, Jonathan Turley, a legal expert, said that believes the Trump team is running out of time to get these claims substantiated. So will it happen?  Listen to what Hans von Spakovsky reports.