Free speech and Thanksgiving

  • Hour 1 of 11-20-20
  • Americans know that free speech is being compromised. From big tech censorship to retail stores like Target prohibiting books about the dangers of gender dysphoria… free speech is not being protected. If you don’t like a stance that a particular company takes, you have the right to boycott. You also have the right to ‘buycott’ and support businesses you believe in. Hear more about this from Prof. Eugene Volokh. You can check out his work here!
  • Thanks to @SenTomCotton for taking a stand! The left is trying to cancel him for sharing the truth about the Mayflower. He is being called a “racist.” All he is doing is sharing basic 3rd grade history. You can watch his speech here.  Dr. Susan Hanssen at the U of Dallas is in to set the record straight on the pilgrims and America’s founding. As some are trying to cancel this holiday because they believe that the pilgrims were racist, she made the case that this holiday needs to be celebrated with patriotism and pride for our country. She is also sounding the alarm on PC lifestyle.