Kids out of school again

  • Hour 1 of 11-19-20
  • In NY they have made the unfortunate decision to close down the schools, forcing kids to do remote learning. Drew examines the way that this is affecting kids, and as some might argue, for no great benefit whatsoever. We know that generally, COVID does not even have a negative affect on kids anyways. Is it wrong that they are being forced to wear masks and that they are being deprived of basic education? Dr. Miriam Grossman and Kari Beckman give their thoughts.
  • Have you heard about the Great Reset? It is being talked about and mentioned by world leaders at economic forums, and it may have you concerned. They are using the COVID upset as a way to bring about socialism. No longer would individual rights be of concern, but more so the globalist agenda. So what can we do? Is it too late? Hear from Dr. Lee Edwards.