Lincoln Proposal

  • Hour 3 of 11-24-20
  • Dr. Chad Pecknold has a great idea! If President Trump were to sign an executive order recognizing babies in the womb as human persons who need to be protected, that would be quite a statement. And Biden, who might overturn it as soon as he gets in, would make a resounding statement that he does not take his Catholic faith seriously. Yet many people will believe he is truly a practicing Catholic, which is a cause for scandal. Learn more about the Lincoln Proposal. What are the chances that it would happen? Certainly pray that it does!
  • Archbishop Gomez in LA has made a statement that challenges Biden on his pro-abortion stance. This could pave the way for a rocky relationship between Biden and the Catholic Church, and we need to thank our Church leaders for standing up for life, even when it is not easy! Let’s pray that Biden comes to see the light on abortion and has a conversion. Fran Maier is in to talk about Biden, his policies and how they are not aligned with the faith, and how we as faithful can respond. You can read his piece here.