Political fallout

  • Hour 1 of 11-13-20
  • How are you feeling after all this election craziness? Catholics are worried about what the next potential administration could do for religious liberty, among many other things. On top of that, a fear of a leftward lurch is worrying many others. A look at the societal and political implications of what is next with Salena Zito.
  • BLM has been calling out police officers all summer, and sadly, many in the movement want to see police departments defunded. What does that mean and what could be the affect? Well, one thing society is already witnessing is police officers quitting in droves. They feel disrespected, unappreciated, and are not able to even do their job. When they are not protected, it is obvious that they will not see the need to continue. Charles Fain Lehman talks more about this.