Thanksgiving in the time of COVID/Holy Souls (encore)

  • Hour 1 of 11-26-20
  • In the year of COVID, it is sad that Thanksgiving might be different for you this week. States and cities are tightening their restrictions, and the Governor Kate Brown of Oregon is encouraging people to call the police on their neighbors if they violate the orders. This is going too far, and many are calling this a communist type of society. But what can you do to stay safe and still enjoy the day? What are good precautions you should take? Dr. Lisa Ellis gives her advice, and she is hopeful that when a vaccine comes out, it will help to settle things down.
  • As we wrap up the month of the Holy Souls, Susan Tassone shares the importance of praying for souls in Purgatory. She reminds you that Purgatory is real suffering, and the hardest part of the suffering is related to a unquenchable desire for God. The souls want to be with God but have to be purified first. St. Faustina experienced what this was like at a time in her life when she deeply desired to receive the Eucharist but could not do so. So can you avoid Purgatory altogether? Find out what you need to do.