The Patrick Madrid Show: November 04, 2020 – Hour 3

  • Joan – Recommendation for a 15 year old girl who questions why should I be Catholic?
  • Lisa – Family member was cremated but not all of the ashes were buried. Now they won’t let her bury the rest of the ashes
  • Kip – Daughter identifying as non-binary. Needs your input to point to Church teachings on this.
  • Fr. Rocky joins Patrick Madrid
  • Jason – I think it was God speaking through Sam to give us the grace to reach out and look to joining the Faith
  • Nancy – Daughters won’t visit her because of COVID. Not treating her nice. How should she talk to her daughters to let them know it is hurtful?
  • Shirley – Situation in Seattle regarding voting was told there was a seven hour wait.
  • Terry – Why are Christians not way more moral than non-Christians?