The Patrick Madrid Show: November 10, 2020 – Hour 1

  • SS Edmund Fitzgerald and Gordon Lightfoot
  • Patrick shares the Strong words from Theresa May on making public gatherings for worship illegal: “It sets a precedent for a government with the worst of intentions”
  • Alan Dershowitz on forced vaccinations – “You have no right to not be vaccinated” and the State will have the ‘Power’ to ‘Plunge a needle into your arm’
  • Mark – USCCB letter congratulating Joe Biden
  • Michael – Comment regarding Dershowitz and plunging a needle into your arm
  • Mary – If you are vaccinated why are we worried about the ones who are not
  • Russian Orthodox Church Backs Banning ‘Offensive’ Religious Cartoons
  • Marsha – Husband becomes ill when he takes a vaccine.
  • Anka – protestant grandchildren want to come to the Catholic Church