The Patrick Madrid Show: November 11, 2020 – Hour 2

Continued coverage of the McCarrick Report

  • Barbara – Why are we not holding those accountable who broke the lay?
  • Joann – This affects more than the victim. Her husband was abused, and her marriage ended because of his wounds
  • Donna called to say Patrick is scandalizing the Catholic Church
  • Patrick shares a story he has never told on the air before about a predator priest
  • Joe – Agrees with Patrick on culpability and says Patrick “is hitting the nail on the head”
  • Danielle – Thinks Patrick is just reporting, not scandalizing
  • Thad – Wants Patrick’s opinion on Viganò, thinks Patrick is NOT scandalizing
  • Dave – It’s important that we talk about this. Priest vs Protestants vs teacher accusations
  • George – The solution is exposing the darkness with truth
  • Mark – The millions of people committing mortal sin for voting for a pro-abortion candidate