The Patrick Madrid Show: November 13, 2020 – Hour 1

  • Patrick shares Ticketmaster’s exhausting plans to verify vaccination status before you can buy concert tickets
  • Talbot – Question about responding to when life begins
  • Deborah – Vaccination, Ticketmaster, and the Mark of the Beast
  • Lucy – If we want to end abortion, uncomfortable stories need to be told
  • Gabriel – Co-worker believes in Nordic paganism but was raised Christian. How can I talk to him in a loving way about Christianity?
  • Mary – As a nurse, I was taught in embryology that it is a life within the first month.
  • Jenny – Had an abortion when I was young and would like to draw attention to Silence No More
  • Debbie – I’m not pro-life
  • Frank – Church’s explanation for how Mary maintained Virginity after she gave birth to Jesus?