The Patrick Madrid Show: November 12, 2020 – Hour 3

  • Ticketmaster will require proof of a negative test before you will be able to go to a concert. Patrick speculates this is just the beginning and will ultimately lead to people being marked
  • John – Comment on COVID and the vaccine and the mark of the beast
  • Mary – Priest asked her if she voted for Trump in confession and made her feel guilty for her political leanings
  • Corky – Mother told her she had an abortion many years ago. Was she forgiven when her mom became a Catholic?
  • Charles – Why did they throw Vigano under the bus?
  • Kim – Works in a hospital as a nurse. Focus of COVID is not on the elderly.
  • Vanessa – Had an abortion and comments on the healing and the mercy of God.
  • Steven – Economic loss and starvation from COVID is going to get worse
  • Eileen – New York Bar association passed a mandatory COVID-vaccine recommendation