The Patrick Madrid Show: November 16, 2020 – Hour 1

ENCORE PRESENTATION (from 11/13/2019)

  • Patrick shares a personal story of when he sent a box of “Surprised by Truth” books to a student, whom he later found out gave them out to classmates and some ended up converting
  • Caller: Joe in CA asks about a rosary he was given as a gift that has an angel in place of the crucifix. Is it not a rosary?
  • Caller: Jeanie in NE asks what the Church teaches re: cosmetic surgery
  • Caller: Nina in PA
  • Caller: Dominic in NY asks why Catholics are so devoted to Mary
  • Caller: Bill in MN had a vasectomy and the consequences later came when he tried to become a deacon but was denied because of this personal choice which is against Church teaching. Patrick references Romans 6:23
  • Caller: Andrew in UT asks if someone had mortal sin on his soul and died in a car crash on his way to confession, would he go to Heaven, Hell, or Purgatory?
  • Caller: Chase in IL was raised Catholic but married a Jewish woman and became Jewish. He asks the Church’s view of him now