The Patrick Madrid Show: November 17, 2020 – Hour 1

This is an Encore Presentation

  • Tom in Eden Prairie, MN – how do I find missionary trips for my lukewarm children? Patrick suggests using a resource like Laurie also called in to give Tom some advice and suggested Catholic Work Camp.
  • John in Austin – What keeps a person from becoming Catholic?
  • Peggy in Chicago –  There is a young mother who doesn’t practice the faith, but wants to baptize her children. What is Patrick’s response to that?
  • William in Iowa – What is the difference between distributing relics and the ashes of the dead?
  • PragerU audio: Illinois employers must disclose your Artificial Intelligence
  • Sean in Phoenix, AZ – Does a soul burn up in hell, ultimately being annihilated?
  • Mary in WI – we had a visiting priest from Indian reservation. Is smudging okay?
  • Kathy in St. Louise, MO – if people choose to be in hell, is that a form of happiness for them?