The Patrick Madrid Show: November 17, 2020 – Hour 2

This is an Encore Presentation

  • Bill in Rock Ledge, FL – What is Patrick’s advice on living each day as a Catholic? They discourse Frank Sheed’s book, “Theology and Sanity”.
  • Jenn in Portland, Maine – what to do about adult parents who divorced late in life and having a relationship with them?
  • Emelie, a 9 year old, asks what if there was no Church?
  • Tim in Chandler, AZ asks for Patrick’s thoughts on this priest’s comment on burning in hell?
  • Mary-Ellen in Mequon, WI – Is there a definite answer to the 3rd secret of Fatima?
  • Patrick discusses the Revelations of Akita
  • Mary in Cincinnati, OH – why was it necessary for Jesus to suffer on the cross?
  • Jeff in Cape Code, MA – Asks about his girlfriend who is atheist. Patrick offers his thoughts on choosing a life with someone with different beliefs