The Patrick Madrid Show: November 18, 2020 – Hour 1

  • Responding to the US bishops’ announcement yesterday that they have formed a task force to deal with Joe Biden‘s serious doctrinal conflicts with Catholic moral teaching, Patrick expresses his support of such an initiative but also his frustration that it’s “too little, too late.” He asks why this is happening only now and why wasn’t this done long ago, given that Biden was vice president for eight years and directly affected public policy on the same issues.
  • Arthur – I am concerned that maybe I am a lukewarm person
  • Ava 8-year-old – are angels part of the communion of saints
  • Teresa – Why are the Sugar Skulls bad?
  • Cheryl – Catholic Christian suffers from depression looks for sound advice
  • Christine – how did the rosary start?
  • Alan – Question on deep state and the deep state in the Church. Deep State as related to a Democrat against the constitution.