The Patrick Madrid Show: November 26, 2020 – Hour 2

Encore Presentation

  • Email from Andrew – Can a Catholic have Mass at home? If so, would it be considered Sunday Mass?
  • Sam in Appleton WI – What happens to a baptized Catholic who dies as a non-practicing Catholic?
  • Madonna in Chicago – Does a Mass for shut-ins count for fulfilling the obligation?
  • Mary-Ellen in Columbus, OH – why do saints have to perform miracles to get to heaven?
  • Sylvia in Santa Fe, NM – why do we not let kids get confirmed at a younger age?
  • Brian in Lakewood CA – Is a Nino-doctor okay by the Catholic Church?
  • Joe in Providence, RI – If someone continues to confess the same sin are they abusing the sacrament of confession?
  • In light of Joe’s call, Patrick reads an important section from “the Great Divorce”