Update on voter fraud allegations/Da Vinci artwork

  • Hour 3 of 11-23-20
  • Drew starts out the hour talking about anti-Christian violence and vandalism. Get a look at what places around the world are witnessing this. We need to pray and stand for the faith!
  • Also, there is artwork found that could be attributed to that of Leonardo Da Vinci. It is a sketch of Christ that might have been painted by the great artist himself. Is it truly his? Anthony Visco explains some of the skepticism that he has. You can read more here.
  • For those hoping for President Trump’s reelection, much evidence needs to be brought forward for voter fraud. And now that states such as PA have allegedly recertified the win for Biden, the hope may be dwindling. Do you believe that the fraud will be proved by Sydney Powell? Jason Snead discusses.