All things electoral

  • Hour 1 of 12-4-20
  • Andy McCarthy reports and analyses on some of the current cases of voter fraud happening around the country, particularly in WI and PA. While “some outrageous claims of fraud” have been made, according to Andy M. and Ed Morrissey, they both agree that there are some cases which need to be looked into. While they admit it won’t change the outcome of the election, they assess that these rulings could change the way future elections are done, in terms of handling of mail in ballots. There is no doubt that fraud took place, and we need to sound the alarm now so it doesn’t happen again.
  • Chris Temple gives you a look at the markets! They get into the number of jobless claims currently in the US, which thankfully has dipped lately. Also, what will a new Biden administration do to the economy? Chris is concerned for a number of key reasons. You have to hear why! All this and more, as we get into Finance Friday.