Chinese influence in the US

  • Hour 1 of 12-17-20
  • Professor Nicholas Eftimiades discusses the corruption with the Chinese government and how they have infiltrated themselves into the US. Rep. Swalwell was the target of a Chinese spy. Companies and even universities are susceptible to these foreign threats. What is being done to counter it? Prof. credits the work the Trump administration has done to crack down on this, and we need to pray this continues.
  • Forced labor is being reported in Communist China, where Chinese reeducation camps are being set up and forced upon many victims. Hear more from East Turkistan Prime Minister Salih Hudayar. These poor Uyghurs are being forced to pick cotton, all the while US companies like Disney go on supporting the communist threat. Did you hear that Mulan was filmed near these sites? You can tell Congress to stop this atrocity. Fill out the form here.