Contested election

  • Hour 1 of 12-9-20
  • A news roundup with Drew on the bishops’ plea to end executions. Also, Rep. Eric Swalwell was being influenced by a Chinese spy; he happens to be on the intel committee and this raises serious concerns about how rampant international manipulation really is. Learn about this as well as the rise of a cable news network which is putting FOX News in a bit of a nervous situation. Will FOX be able to keep its ratings secure, despite some conservatives boycotting the network? Newsmax TV is gaining in popularity among 25-54 year olds, beating The Story on FOX News recently.
  • A look at the election fraud with Hans von Spakovsky. The Supreme Court refused to take up the PA case alleging voter fraud, but now TX is suing other states for their mishandling of the election. This could be President Trump’s last opportunity to get a reelection. Hans sounds off on whether or not he believes there was serious amounts of fraud, and he is asked what evidence is needed to overturn the election results.
  • There is a new series on Jesus and the Dead Sea Scrolls with Dr. John Bergsma! He is in to tell you all about it.