COVID and Hollywood update

  • Hour 3 of 12-7-20
  • Dr. Bob Tiballi continues with a COVID update as he discusses the vaccine. He gets into the morality and efficacy. For instance, does someone who already had COVID need to take it? Hear what he says about this. Also, is it true that people could have had COVID before there was the first known case in the US? Hear all of this and more.
  • Christian Toto stops by to discuss the current movies such as Hillbilly Ellegy. They talk about the political bias and intolerance that blinds so many in the entertainment culture. Also, HBO Max has said that the new Warner Bros. releases will go straight to the streaming service at the same time as the movie theatre. Will this put the theatre industry out of business? Christian agrees that this is a strange decision given that things could go back to normal late next year.