Electoral certification

  • Hour 1 of 12-15-20
  • As the electoral college has certified their votes in favor of Former VP Biden, is it over for President Trump? He has said he will continue to fight, but some key Republicans believe it’s time for him to concede. However, others think the fraud was too rampant to just throw in the towel. Either way, it appears that Biden will be the next president and this poses some concern for life and religious liberty, among other things. Where do we go from here and what to make of it all? Hear some historical insight from Salena Zito.
  • What’s it like to be on a college campus during COVID? James Bosco and Msgr James Shea are here to talk about University of Mary and their bold decisions they are making, as they are committed to providing in person learning. Get an inside look at the decision to do this, and why they believe in the value of Catholic education.