Ethics of a COVID vaccine

  • Hour 3 of 12-2-20
  • There is a lawsuit which seeks to end Nevada’s legal prostitution. It is tragic that in a nation where freedom should be guaranteed to every individual, there are still young women being used, objectified, and sometimes even trafficked. There is a connection between trafficking and brothels, and we should pray this lawsuit is successful in NV. Learn more about the current legalization of prostitution is some areas of the US, and hear what we can do to fight against it. More with Benjamin Bull. He even explains why we should not even call it prostitution, but rape.
  • When a vaccine comes out, will you take it? Is it ethical? AstroZeneca clearly is a no-go, given that aborted fetal cell lines are used. But what about the others from Moderna and Pfizer? Some like Bishop Strickland argue that there is still cooperation with the evil. Dr. Kevin Miller dives in and talks about any possible remote material cooperation that might be involved. Continue to pray for discernment and don’t be afraid to stand for life!