Missed period pill

  • Hour 3 of 12-9-20
  • Dr. John Littell is sounding the alarm on a new contraceptive pill which will cause so many women trauma down the road. It’s being labled the “Missed Period Pill.” There would be abortions and women would not even know it, supposedly. While it’s marketed for women who are afraid to go in for an abortion, this is going to hurt women and will obviously kill children in the womb just as much. Read about it here.
  • Does the US need more oil right now? President Trump is pushing through secured rights to drill for oil in the Artic refuge. In the case that he does not get a second term, this would be a chance to obtain more oil instantaneously. However, there are skeptics who say this will do more ecological harm, and it’s not even necessary to have this at our disposal right now. Dr. Bill Patenaude is here to give his take; he is encouraging charity and balance as we discern this from a Catholic perspective.