Peaceful transition of power

  • Hour 3 of 12-3-20
  • We still don’t know for sure who the next president will be! President Trump has continued to assert that there was indeed voter fraud, so we will wait to see what happens. However, if Biden does get in and if he becomes the next president, what is the next step? What is done to bring about a peaceful transition of power? It’s more complicated than you might think, and it started even before the actual election. You can learn about this from Dr. Ryan Barilleaux.
  • When it comes to examining the voting fraud, there are certainly some claims which can not be discounted. On top of the mail drop-off allegations which are raising some eyebrows, big tech appears to have been involved as well. Dr. Robert Epstein, who is a Democrat, alleges that Google was responsible for shifting at least 6 million votes to Biden. Undecided voters were manipulated through search algorithms to go for Biden, with a clear significant bias against President Trump. How exactly did they do this? Learn more from Dr. Robert Epstein himself.