Spiritual rights of patients

  • Hour 3 of 12-4-20
  • Dr. Jospeh Meaney discusses a new coalition which is championing the spiritual rights of patients. When someone is in the hospital, they deserve to have a priest who is there to give them the Sacraments. Sadly, secular humanists don’t see the spiritual component as entirely necessary; they appear to focus more on the physical health. So COVID restrictions have exaserbated this problem and taken away core spiritual nourishment for so many people. Dr. Joseph Meaney is fighting this tide and is in to explain more of what he is doing and why he is so convicted about this.
  • Chris Temple gives you a look at the markets! They get into the number of jobless claims currently in the US, which thankfully has dipped lately. Also, what will a new Biden administration do to the economy? Chris is concerned for a number of key reasons. You have to hear why! All this and more, as we get into Finance Friday.