The Patrick Madrid Show: December 04, 2020 – Hour 1

  • Latest updates on COVID-19 and Vaccinations
  • Madelyn – How to respond to a friend who ridicules my faith
  • Patrick admits to not knowing a thing about Lord of Rings and reports that the ‘The Lord of the Rings’ cast is crowdfunding to buy J.R.R. Tolkien’s home and turn it into a literary center
  • Cheryl – Comment on having a similar experience to Madalyne.
  • Jan – She dislikes LOTR too, Patrick isn’t the only weirdo out there
  • Maureen – Do we have more than one guardian angel?
  • John – Peter Kreeft wrote a book called “the Philosophy of Tolkien”
  • Sam – Tucker Carlson had Matt Walsh on his show last night talking about how awful transgenderism is.