The Patrick Madrid Show: December 18, 2020 – Hour 3

  • Ray – Persisted in calling to get child baptized because the secretary is forgetful.
  • Maureen – Priest in her parish went to give her mom the last rites. What should I do to thank him?
  • Matt – Question about changing the words to Our Father.
  • Joseph – Scholar Richard Carrier is claiming the Gospel is a myth. Is this true?
  • Chris – Difference between Syrian Orthodox and Roman Catholics?
  • Ana – Question about COVID Vaccine, specifically the Moderna Vaccine. Is it unethical?
  • Jane – Do you have a resource for those companies that support Planned Parenthood?
  • Mary – I’m having a miscarriage and I won’t receive my baby due to the examination.
  • Connie – Question about Angels, Armageddon, and Revelation.