Big tech censorship

  • Hour 1 of 1-27-21
  • Drew talks about iPhones, Twitter, Facebook, and big tech censorship. With Parler being deplatformed, Facebook is gaining more and more control over our free speech. They are censoring people if they post anything against transgenderism. Mike Howell has more. Also, John Cribb wrote a book about President Lincoln, but he is getting some backlash. He claims that “Facebook cancels Abe Lincoln.” And it may also have something to do with former VP Pence being a part of it. Get the full story from John Cribb himself.
  • Kady Valois also tells you about Orange County, FL giving “rights to nature.” Apparently rivers, forests, and the land should be treated like people. But voters may not have gotten all the important information when it came to voting for this ordinance. You can read here.