China’s genocide and COVID issues

  • Hour 3 of 1-26-21
  • China has forced the Uighurs into forced work and slavery, making them live in what are dubbed “reeducation camps.” Communists, who are running rampant in China, are mistreating these minorities and it must end. The US is being called upon to stop this and they must recognize this genocide for what it is. Drew is joined by Prime Minister Salih Hudayar who tells you more. He acknowledges that this is really the only bipartisan mission between Democrats and Republicans right now. He also tells you what you can do to make a difference against this injustice.
  • A look at the pandemic with Dr. Barbara Golder. Concerns continue in terms of whether or not new and more deadly strands of the virus could further the devastation in the US. As vaccine distribution is being increased here in the states, many still are waiting to receive one. Dr. Fauci has said it might be time to “double mask.” Dr. Golder gives thoughts on proper mask wearing, vaccine rollout, and whether it’s true that microchips are in the vaccine.